Wednesday, 7 March 2007

About Sophia Myles!

Born: March 18, 1980

Age: 26

Born in: London, England

Occupation: English actress

A bit about her early life

Her father, Peter Myles, is a vicar in Isleworth, West London and her mother, Jane, works in educational publishing; her paternal grandmother was Russian. Sophia began her acting career after being spotted in a school play. Beforehand, she had been planning to accept a conditional place to study philosophy at Cambridge University.

About films and shows she has starred in

Since 1996, Sophia has appeared in a number of both American and English films and television productions. She had a supporting role in the 2003 film, Underworld, and (in a brief flashback scene) its sequel, Underworld: Evolution, and in 2004, played the schoolgirl lead in the thriller Out of Bounds. In 2006, Sophia co-starred with actor James Franco in the romantic drama Tristan and Isolde, playing the role of Isolde.
Sophia appeared as Madame de Pompadour in a series one 2006 episode of Doctor Who, The Girl in the Fireplace. She also co-starred opposite English actor Max Minghella, playing his love interest in 2006's quirky comedy Art School Confidential. Also in 2006, shes appeared in a BBC TV adaptation of Dracula; she played Lucy alongside Marc Warren, David Suchet and Dan Stevens.
Currently, she is filming Outlander with James Caviezel and Jack Huston.

About her personal life

Sophia lives in Green Park and enjoys horse riding, skiing, skating and swimming. As of October 2005, she is dating Scottish actor David Tennant, opposite whom she appeared in her guest role on Doctor Who. She was previously in a relationship with actor Charles Dance, whom she met while working on Nicholas Nickleby.

About Eve Myles!

Born: 1978

Age: 27

Born in: Ystradgynlais, Wales

Occupation: Actress

Heres a list of programmes/films which shes starred in

EastEnders, the television film Score, and the Doctor Who episode in the first series The Unquiet Dead. In 2002 and 2003, Eve was nominated for Best Actress in the BAFTA Cymru Awards for her role as Ceri on the BBC Wales drama Belonging. Eve played Lavinia in the 2003 Royal Shakespeare Company production of Titus Andronicus. In 2005, she appeared opposite Michael Gambon in Henry IV, Part one and two at the National Theatre. She also had a significant part as a stable girl in the ill-fated BBC TV series Trainer some years back.

At the moment Eve plays Gwen Cooper, the female lead, in the Doctor Who spin-off series Torchwood on BBC Three.

Russell T Davies said that he is a great admirer of her work. Of her appearance in Doctor Who he told BBC South Wales "It just confirmed to me that she was one of Wales's best kept secrets," Russell wrote the part of Gwen for Eve Myles specifically. Eves Doctor Who character was a 19th century Cardiff maid named Gwyneth. It is not yet known whether there is any connection between the two similarly named characters.

In 2005, The Western Mail ranked Eve seventh in its annual list of the 50 sexiest women in Wales.

Heres the bit write about her:

Catherine Zeta-Jones? You could be mistaken for thinking so. Actress Eve is another striking brunette and is from Ystradgynlais. The 27-year-old has recently completed a run with the Royal Shakespeare Company, appeared in network TV dramas like Colditz and Doctor Who and made her debut at the National Theatre. Look out Zeta!

Saturday, 3 March 2007

About Billie piper!

Born: September 22, 1982

Age: 24

Born in: Swindon, England

Occupation: Actress,former Singer


Billie Paul Piper original name was Lianne Piper, she was born on 22 September 1982, is an English actress. She began her career as a pop singer in her teens, and was well-known for her marriage to DJ Chris Evans, but is now best known for her charecter Rose Tyler, companion to the Doctor in the television series Doctor Who from 2005 to 2006. Her role in Doctor Who consolidated her status as a household name in the United Kingdom.

Heres a list of some of the songs shes done

Because We Want To, Honey To The Bee, Girlfriend, Day & Night, Walk of Life, Something Deep Inside, She Wants You and The Tide Is High.

Heres a list of programmes/films which shes starred in

The Canterbury Tales, Bella and the Boys, The Calcium Kid, Spirit Trap, Much Ado About Nothing, The Ruby in the Smoke.

In 2007 she will appear as the main character, Fanny Price, in an adaptation of Jane Austen's novel Mansfield Park, to be screened on ITV1. This will be her first acting role on television for a broadcaster other than the BBC.

Billie is also attatched to appear in a Channel 4 adaptation of Belle de Jour, a book detailing the life of a prostitute. She has not yet said weither she is going to be taking the role but she is interested. She has said she'd love to take it as its a real change of image for her and she is considering it as a option, but she has not yet sighed the contract for the part.

Billie Piper has written a Autobiography. Called: Growing Pains. If you have not read it you should because its Great!

About This New Page

Ok heres the page i was telling you all about its going to be filled with all information of all those excellent people who play our favourite characters through out Torchwood and Doctor Who. It might take a long time but im just getting it started. If theres anyone you would like me to write one on please dont hesitate to just leave the name of the person in the comment box underneath this post and i will do one for that person when i have time. thank you.